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Pollock Group

Who We Are And What You Get

By using the Pollock Group you get a full service marketing agency that offers expertise and experience in advertising, branding, direct response, promotional marketing, public relations and the development of branded environments. We find out who your customers are, how they get their product information and develop strategies that will convince them to buy YOU, your products or your services.

When you utilize an agency like ours you employ a creative team that looks at varying aspects of media. Whether it involves creating brochures, web presence, print ads, TV/Radio commercials, social media or digital copy content you’ll avoid lost time meeting with individual direct/captive reps that can only look at their media product which typically steers clients to brand which may or may not yield the maximum ROI for your efforts and investment.

When you contract The Pollock Group you enlist buying power and in many cases discounted rates. We have the ability to buy any station, publication our source available market our nationwide. We are your one stop consulting firm. We are The Pollock Group, where we Transform your Ideas into Solutions.